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What is OfficeNav?

OfficeNav is a suite of products designed to simplify office navigation, improve space utilization, productivity and happiness of employees.

What are the main components of OfficeNav?

OfficeNav product suite includes the following, (1) a digital office map to display real-time conference room availability, (2) in-room wifi enabled motion sensors and (3) room scheduling tablets.  All of this is backed by a secure, proprietary OfficeNav service that enables detailed space utilization analytics, routing of facilities & IT service requests and Room Rescue™ notifications.

How is OfficeNav different from other office navigation and space management solutions?

We created OfficeNav to provide the most accurate conference room availability by using motion sensors, conference room software data feeds and other information. Many other vendors rely on a single source of information which can make the overall solution a lot less accurate.

How does Room Rescue™ work?

Ever walk by a ‘booked’ conference room that sits completely empty? OfficeNav offers an innovative approach where the system will analyze room activity and prompt the organizer to free up the room on the calendar if there isn’t anyone in the room. The room becomes available and free for others to book and use, therefore improving utilization on your office space.

Why does my office need OfficeNav?

A digital display map helps employees quickly find available spaces, whether they are large conference rooms, huddles, phone rooms or even individual desks.  Instead of walking in circles, your colleagues can quickly find and book an available space for their ad-hoc meeting. Existing customers of this solution have reported increased spontaneous collaboration, productivity and employee happiness.

What is the best location for the conference room availability display?

Consider placing the availability map in a high trafficked area. In some cases, our clients use smaller displays to track room availability in their immediate space, perhaps for rooms that have been allocated to their team.

Do you offer a trial version of OfficeNav?

Absolutely. Click on the Sign Up button and log in using your Office365 account. The system will use Outlook conference room data and your past usage patterns to create a live dashboard that can be configured further to be displayed in a common area.

How long does it take for the Map Dashboard to update? Is it real-time?

The dashboard updates in near real-time. Motion sensors (if present) update after one minute of activity. The map synchronizes with the calendaring system every 5 minutes during office hours.

How does OfficeNav know when the conference room is occupied?

The system relies on the following three data points to determine if the room is occupied. First, it looks at the calendar system data feed to see if there is an active meeting. Second, the system connects to video conferencing software (if present) and updates the status to booked if it detects an active session. Third, it relies on motion or any other sensors available. If sensors report activity, the room status will also be set to ‘occupied’.

What information is used to generate analytics and room availability dashboard?

OfficeNav accesses only the information necessary to enable real-time conference room availability dashboards and provide our users with actionable space utilization analytics. This limited set of data is stored on our secure servers. OfficeNav accesses the following information: 

  • Organizer Name
  • Meeting start and end times
  • Conference Room Name
  • Attendees
How secure is OfficeNav?

OfficeNav is built with security in mind. Access to OfficeNav is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and HTTPS protocol. OfficeNav account dashboard and data is only accessible to the registered user with account credential from the respective OAuth provider (i.e. Microsoft, Google). This ensures that any sensitive data remains protected and secured.

What hardware do you recommend for the map display and the tablets?

OfficeNav is designed for standard inexpensive hardware. The map is optimized to run on 1920×1080 aspect ratio screen. It is browser-based, does not require any additional downloads and compatible with most modern browsers. The scheduling tablet app is available for limited beta testing and is compatible with iOS and Android tablets. Reach out to us for additional hardware recommendations.

Does OfficeNav work in my country?

OfficeNav is available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Jamaica, Ireland, Singapore and South Africa. We are working to make OfficeNav available in even more countries. Please contact us to learn more at support@officenav.io.

How do I upgrade to the Pro version of OfficeNav?

After signing up for a free trial of OfficeNav you can use the configuration dashboard to upgrade and downgrade your subscription. A registered user can select exactly which components they would like to use in their OfficeNav solution. We will assign an account manager to your account to answer any questions and to help with onboarding.

How does OfficeNav integrate with my existing conference room meeting solution? 

OfficeNav currently integrates with conference room solutions such as GoToMeeting and GoToRoom. OfficeNav uses GoToRoom as an extra data source to determine if the conference room is currently in use. In addition, OfficeNav scheduling tablets can be set up to start the GoToMeeting session on the GoToRoom system if such link is included in the meeting invite.

How do I contact OfficeNav support?

OfficeNav Support is available Mon – Fri 8 AM to 6 PM EST. You can always contact us through our email at support@officenav.io .

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