Building A Secure
Connected Room Network

Build your own Connected Room Network with confidence knowing that keep your the office’s data protected and secured.

E-mail Calendar Integrations

Securely Sync your Outlook and Gmail Calendars

OfficeNav uses existing data from your Outlook or Gmail calendars to populate it’s Live Rooms List. By integrating with your e-mail calendar the OfficeNav dashboard is able to provide information like room name, real-time availability, and a full-day schedule in an easy-to-read display. Once connected with your e-mail calendar, OfficeNav auto-populates your list with the existing meeting information while allowing you to customize information such as the number of available seats per room, in-room amenities, and room location by floor. A secure connection with your calendar is the first step in building a connected room network.

Custom Office Maps

Custom Maps Built
For Every Floor

Our designers use .pdf or .cad floor plans to create a custom map. Our development team then takes the existing content from your email calendars and integrates it with each room individually. Each map also comes with a more detailed room list that displays photos of each space. OfficeNav’s Live Office Maps can be displayed on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, or Large Format TVs for easy Wayfinding, new employee onboarding, and ad-hoc collaboration.

The OfficeNav Tablet App

Why Spend Money on
Expensive Room Signage?

OfficeNav customers are given access to our tablet application free of charge. This beautifully designed app works on virtually any tablet you already own and provides all of the features you’re looking for in conference room digital signage.

  • Instant Booking
  • Room Support & Ticketing
  • Full-day Room Schedule
  • Reservation Holder Information
  • Custom Branding

Z-Wave Mesh Network

Provide True Availability Information Beyond Your E-mail Calendar

Wireless motion sensors in each room connect to a Network Hub, and every hub is connected to your OfficeNav dashboard. Motion sensors providing real-time occupancy data allow OfficeNav to track ad-hoc meetings, true room utilization metrics, and push Room Rescue notifications. The OfficeNav Room Rescue feature sends a notification to the room reservation holder if it doesn’t detect movement after the meeting starts. Companies recapture hours of time everyday from forgotten reccuring meetings and “ghost” meetings with Room Rescue, making it our most popular product feature.


One Connected System

OfficeNav turns your office space in a connected, data-driven network that IT can track, Operations can utilize, and your employees will love.

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